Dr. Mary Reid Gaudio is an author who, in her book The Phone Rang, takes readers through the true story of her sister Ann’s battle and survival of leukemia. The book chronicles the family’s process, how they deal with the disease, what issues came up and how they all survive. Dr. Reid’s hope is that the book will help others understand what it’s like to go through such a horrendous ordeal and how to take steps to overcome their fears and insecurities.

Dr. Reid was born in Buffalo, NY. Her mother was an elementary school teacher and her father worked in construction. In her youth, Mary enjoyed teaching skiing at Glenwood Acres and Kissing Bridge, located in Western New York. In college, Mary was a viola major at SUNY Fredonia and moved to New York City and then Aspen, Colorado after college with her skis, viola and guitar. A dream of playing in a rock band helped her finally land in Los Angeles.

In the mid 1980s, Mary formed the band Che Blammo with her brother and a high school friend. Their material could (proudly) be heard on KROQ and KLOS, which led her to performing at Universal Studios in the live action “The Adventures of Conan: a Sword and Sorcery Spectacular” as Red Sonja. Movies such as “The Clan of the Cave Bear” and “Amazon Women on the Moon,” along with commercials and television shows like “Hardcastle and McCormick” and “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” soon followed.

Divorce and the death of her father caused Mary to undergo another life changing experience. Being a single mom, job security was important so she followed the advice of her father and became a teacher. She made a commitment to her new career and went to UCLA for her doctorate in education. Mary has been working in the field of secondary education for twenty years.

Mary currently serves as a secondary high school principal and resides in Los Angeles with her husband, with whom she enjoys traveling – especially to Italy.